Take a lane change ; welcome to the fast life.


A Hawaiian song for each day of the countdown? Sounds like a plan.

5 days until Hawaii.

Baby there’s a party going on, won’t stop ‘til the early break of dawn.

Ekolu | She's Music To Me

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Title: Give Me All
Artist: Sammy Johnson Feat. Fiji
Album: Give Me All (Single)
"Give me all of your love, give it all to me
  I don’t know what to do, if I didn’t have you
  And if you don’t come back, oh give me another chance"


I have been waiting forever for Kolohe Kai to come back. FOREVER..


Said it’s 2AM, I want it girl <3 

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i woke up like this. flawless. 


Love this song.  :D

hit the freeway like a race track, P-Lo, time to bring the bass back.

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My heart was stolen

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